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Thank you, Bozeman community, for entrusting me to represent you in the Montana Legislature for the last four years! I am running for re-election to a third term, in (redistricted) House District 61. Based on past experience and the interests of my new district, my legislative priorities are to:

  • Continue to strengthen and diversify our economy
  • Improve health care access and affordability
  • Ensure a strong public education system
  • Promote safe and reliable transportation systems
  • Advance civil dialogue, and
  • Protect clean air and water and access to rivers and streams

Please let me know your interests in these and other areas.

In the 2011 and 2013 Sessions, I served on the House Tax, Natural Resources, and Agriculture committees. I vice-chaired the Agriculture Committee in 2013, and am currently vice-chairing the Water Policy Interim Committee, the Water and Environment Committee of the Council of State Governments-West, and am one of four Montana delegates to the Pacific Northwest Economic Region (US/Canada trade group). I am also one of four legislative members on the Montana Reserved Water Rights Compact Commission.

Beyond official Legislative activities, I work hard to keep in touch with District residents and their interests and needs. You can reach me at, or 406-570-1917. You can sign up to receive legislative updates by e-mail by clicking the blue button at right and following the instructions. Past updates are archived below.

During Sessions, you can send me and other legislators messages in various ways, described here, and track Legislative activities by audio and video, in both real-time and archived. Selected hearings and meetings are broadcast on local TV channel 63 (Bresnan).

Thank you to the residents of (new) House District 61 for welcoming me to their doors and sharing their interests and ideas. I would be honored to have your vote and to serve you in Helena in 2015.

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